• The Campo Viejo Gran Reserva has a deep and vibrant ruby red colour with a gold-tinged rim. To the nose, it retains the ripe red-berry fruit aromas of blackberries, blueberries, and block plums extraordinarily well. Gradually it opens up to reveal smoky, toasted wood nuances, with spices and hints of minerals and tobacco. To the palate it has a smooth mouth-feel, with sweet, polished tannins and a long, elegant, perfumed finish with final hints of coffee with chocolate. “A complex, elegant expression of premium Rioja vines, this finely balanced and uniquely fruity Gran Reserva packs smoky nuances into a modern classic” - Elena Adell - Campo Viejo Winemaker
  • The Campo Viejo Reserva is bright and deep with a ruby-red colour and a golden rim. The complex aromas are a great balance between cherries, black plums, ripe blackberries and the clean nuances coming from the wood (clove, pepper, vanilla and coconut). The 18 months in the bottle cellar further develop the aromas. To the palate it is smooth and balanced with a full, elegant feel and a long, lingering finish. “An approachable yet complex wine, capturing the very best that Rioja has to give, thanks to the winemaking artistry of the Campo Viejo winemaking team.”- Elena Adell - Campo Viejo Winemaker
  • This vibrant Tempranillo wine, has a cherry red colour, the rich aromas have a pronounced intensity with an initial scent of ripe fruit followed by gentle sweet notes of vanilla and spices. On the palate it is perfumed, soft and fresh with a long finish with notes of red fruit, vanilla and cocoa. “A Bold and Fresh 100% Tempranillo wine that showcases the vibrancy of Campo Viejo and its home of Rioja” - Elena Adell - Campo Viejo Winemaker
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