Dorian Inside (Durian liquor/liqueur)

//Dorian Inside (Durian liquor/liqueur)

Dorian Inside (Durian liquor/liqueur)


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Delectable durian liqueur made from the prized Musang King flesh. 18% alcohol.

73 in stock


Delectable durian liqueur made from the prized Musang King flesh!

Recognising the mouth-watering attribute of the “Musang King”, we are proud to introduce to you DORIAN-INSIDE, traditionally brewed alcohol with 100% pure and delicious flesh of the “Musang King” using the most established method with the help of the latest technologies.

With 18% of undistilled alcohol, prepared to the finest quality, DORIAN-INSIDE is here to offer you an excellent fusion of flavours that is unprecedented.

DORIAN-INSIDE is sure to promise you a delightful experience that is unforgettable to your palate.

Volume: 300ml

How to best enjoy Dorian-Inside

DORIAN-INSIDE should be stored in a cool place to prolong shelf-life.

For the best texture and flavour, serve DORIAN-INSIDE chilled or with two cubes of ice.

Do not mix with water.

DORIAN-INSIDE, a bottle of perfection to be shared for memorable moments.

Health Benefits

Made of 100% Musang King flesh, DORIAN-INSIDE is now a palatable tonic that can help boost the body’s immunity, improve digestion, strengthen bones and maintain good hormonal balance to prevent anemia, insomnia and depression.

The organosulfur compounds in the durian-packed DORIAN-INSIDE is rich with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure and promote good skin.

Presence of alcohol also helps increase blood circulation to ensure strength and vitality.


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